Family Time ~ Mother’s Day Weekend ~ Wisconsin Family Photographer

Since I was so busy actually working while I was back home in Wisconsin this past weekend, I didn’t shoot as much personal stuff as I normally would. Instead, I put away my camera and just enjoyed my time relaxing with family when I wasn’t out shooting. That is until my niece and nephews showed up… then I couldn’t help but start snapping away. I mean – they’re just too cute not to document!

Here’s a little glimpse at our weekend back home in Wisconsin… 🙂


Nothing like your morning coffee out on the deck…

Mother’s Day brunch! YUM.

Littlest nephew has been loving to snag James’ hat and wear it lately! Even though I’m not a Cubs fan – there’s something about him in this hat that gets me! So cute!! 🙂


Sunshine has become quite the chatter-box lately! She will talk and talk, and occasionally you catch what she’s saying – but the rest of the time I can’t keep up with her! haha 🙂

Hanging out with Uncle James… 🙂 (Gets me every time!)

And now someone else wanted to try on Uncle James’ hat! 😉

Note to self: red velvet cake is probably the worst cake you could make for children to eat. SO. MESSY! haha 🙂

The ladies! 🙂

Attempt at Mother’s Day photos for my sister… (We kind of failed at this – but at least the outtakes are funny!)

Cute 🙂

Littlest nephew had to pop in the pic!

A little mom/daughter time…

Littlest nephew was not in the mood for any more pictures by the end of the day – but we got the other two kiddos with my mom!


I hope you all had wonderful weekends with your families as well! 🙂


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