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It should come as no surprise to all of you that I’m a hopeless romantic. I’m a sucker for love stories – in real life, and in the movies. I believe in true love, and in soul mates. I believe in fate, and in happily ever afters.

(If any of you read any posts on Twitter or Facebook about how I spent my night last night – you know where this is going…)

I’m a sucker for love stories, and therefore, my ultimate guilty pleasure (obviously) is watching every single season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. It’s the best of both worlds!! It’s a real life love story (or at least the possibility of one), and a TV show all in one! Who am I kidding… I kick myself every year for watching – and yet, I watch – every. season. I get frustrated… I scream at the TV… I get caught up in the drama… I get butterflies… I believe they will find true love… I cheer for them (usually)… And I cry (probably way more than is socially acceptable during these shows).

Last night was the season premiere of The Bachelorette and I’m already totally sucked in. I wanted to be mad and stop watching it after Emily let Lerone go (are you serious?! Did any of you watch the show?! He was such a catch, and sooo sweet!! Ugh.)… but of course I can’t even pretend I’m going to stop watching. Nope. I’ll be there every Monday night – glass of wine in hand – watching, cheering, yelling, and crying. Because I can’t help myself. I’m a sucker for love stories… including my own (which is why I’m always begging James for self-timer photos of the two of us at every possible moment in our lives – and he hates me for it. Can you tell?! haha).



(We look kind of miserable in this pic actually – don’t we?! I swear we like each other! James just doesn’t like the camera in his face 24/7… ha!)

So – who are your picks for Emily this season?!? I must say – after I finally got over the loss of Lerone – I found myself cheering for Jef and Arie. Hmmm. We shall see!! (Definitely not the helicopter guy though – I mean… really?! It’s clear he’s the villain this season.)


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