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Lately James and I have been thinking about Phoenix a lot. We think it’s because Chloe is growing up and starting to do certain things that remind us of our old Phoen-doggy. She is slowly but surely becoming more and more well behaved and sweet. (In case you missed the announcement on facebook – we leave Chloe out of her cage by herself when we go anywhere now and every time we’ve come home to the house exactly as we left it. It is kind of blowing my mind!!) She also occasionally gives me this calm, almost bashful look that takes me back to the days with our old, sweet pup… and it’s kind of catching me off guard a bit, if I’m being honest. I find myself loving Chloe more and more, and missing Phoenix just as much. It’s weird, because for the longest time they felt like such DIFFERENT dogs that I never compared them – but lately that’s changing a bit.

Anyway – all this reminiscing got me thinking about this time last year when we brought Phoenix back to my parent’s house for a long Easter weekend. She loved it so much (as always) that when we were getting ready to leave – she sat at my parent’s feet and refused to move. She wanted to stay. (And I can’t blame her.) It gets me to thinking about Easter this year – and I’m curious to see how Chloe reacts to my parent’s house now that she is growing up and not *quite* so crazy as she was the first few times she came back to visit. I like to think she’ll relax and enjoy herself like Phoenix did – but one can never tell. (She might just spend the entire time freaking out at the birds outside the windows for all we know! haha)

So while we’re home I plan to do my best to document Chloe’s Wisconsin experience, because some of my favorite photos of Phoenix still to this day are images I took last Easter when she was living it up back home over the holiday weekend…

Like this one:


You can check out the full post from Phoenix’s Country Dog weekend last Easter here. (You’ll be glad you did!) And I’ll update you all next week on Chloe’s Easter weekend happenings… which I’m sure will be entertaining. 🙂

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! We’ll see you Monday! xoxo!


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