Wiped Out ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

James and I had an unbelievably relaxing and wonderful weekend back in Wisconsin at my parent’s house for Easter. (Just what we needed!) We hung out with friends we haven’t seen in MUCH too long, caught up with family, and watched Chloe act like a complete lunatic. (I think there’s definitely something in the air up there that turns her switch to permanently ON…)

We arrived home late last night and I’m still attempting to get settled back in, unpacked, and uploading the 1 million photos I took over the last 3 days. So for now I’m going to show a photo that is proof of just how much energy Chloe expended this weekend. You see, normally when her ‘cousin’ India (James’ brother’s dog) comes over to stay with us (like she did last night) Chloe torments her relentlessly. But last night that was shockingly not the case.

Instead – this is what happened:


Can you believe it?! We seriously couldn’t. (And apparently neither could India! Doesn’t she look utterly confused/shocked that Chloe is passed out behind her? haha!) This has never happened before. And I mean NEVER. If we leave the room – she immediately jumps on India. We have to keep her separate from her at all times and it takes a constant effort on our part to get Chloe to calm down. And as such, India kind of hates coming to visit us because Chloe drives her nuts. But not this time! Apparently Chloe is finally 100% WIPED. OUT.  🙂 (Success!)

(More pictures and video from Chloe’s adventures in Wisconsin coming later this week… but for now – I need to go get my life in order! I’ve got a busy week ahead and so many sessions/things that I can’t wait to share with you!! I hope you all had fabulous weekends as well! xo!)


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