country dog

A picture story of Phoenix’s adventures in Wisconsin over Easter weekend…

I must note that every time we couldn’t locate Phoenix, we’d find her sleeping in this bed curled up in a little ball. So I’d be nice and throw the covers over her. Then later on I’d come back to check on her and she would have stretched herself out so just her head was peaking out and she was resting on the pillow! Not even making this up. What a princess. Ha!

A staring/growling contest with the Easter bunny…

One  night after dinner we were all watching TV and heard a “clink, clink, clink” noise coming from the kitchen. I ran up to find that she was licking all the plates in the dishwasher clean because somebody had left the door open! ha ha

Ahhh… the smell of fresh, clean air!

Somebody get me my morning coffee – stat!

Lovely little weekend we had, if you ask Phoenix! 😉 I’ll share more pics of the rest of our (human) adventures soon!

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