quiet easter weekend

Yesterday I shared with you guys what Phoenix’s Easter weekend looked like back at my parents’ house. So today I’m sharing with you what the human side of the weekend looked like! (Although, I’m not sure we’re nearly as cute or entertaining as Phoenix… but there are babies and cute kids in these pictures! So there’s that!)

On Saturday some of my girlfriends came over to have a relaxing little morning together and to catch up! It was so nice to get to see Kim again before she becomes a mama (yay!) and to get to see Jeanna and her adorable little kidlets, Rowan and Lidean.  (Seriously – SO CUTE!)

James is afraid of breaking babies when they are newborns, so of course I passed Rowan off to him to try to ease his anxiousness by throwing him in head first to baby-holding. 🙂 I think it worked!  *Awww*

On to dying some Easter eggs with my family! (Or… I should say… the portion of my family that was in attendance. It was a quiet Easter this year with Ben in NYC, Josh in Florida, and Jenn spending the holiday settling back in with her family… so it was just James and I, my parents and my brother, Will, this year.)

Mom accidentally picked up a mug full of dye and was about to drink it instead of her wine! ha ha…

Easter morning!

I occasionally like to prove that I was in attendance (since I’m normally just behind the camera for most events) – so I begged James to take a self-timer pic with me. He obviously was not enthused – so Will jumped in the back to be funny – but still… no smile from Mr. Crabby I-hate-self-timer-pics Pants. Our 2nd attempt was out of focus but I managed to get a half smile out of J… I think?

My mom made the best Easter lunch ever! Oh. My. Goodness. sooooo tasty.

I’m still in the process of eating this candy! OmNomNom…  🙂

Here’s to another great weekend! Let’s hope spring-like weather shows up for it, right?! (Please?! I have a wedding and a session to shoot this weekend… I would appreciate it if it didn’t feel like winter anymore. Thankyouverymuch.) 🙂

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