Self-Employment: Month 7 ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I have to be honest with you – I hadn’t even realized another month passed until I received the sweetest, most random, and lovely package in the mail from one of my former wedding couples yesterday along with a note congratulating me on 7 months of self-employment! After I stopped crying happy tears (because I was obviously surprised and very moved) – I had to pause and think, “Has it really been 7 months now?!” And sure enough, Leyah + Pako were right, another month had passed – but I was so busy prepping for my workshops that I completely missed it last week!

So here I am – a few days late – trying to remember what on earth happened this last month that caused me to completely miss its passing! Naturally, I did what I do most months at this time – I looked back on my planner to see what exactly it was that I did.
This is what I found:

1. I celebrated the launch of a new side of my business – Beautiful Sessions – and photographed two more gorgeous women that booked sessions! (And by the way – it’s official – I’m completely obsessed with shooting these sessions!)

2. I ran around like a bit of a crazy person finalizing all the details for the workshops… including meeting with the amazing vendors who donated their time to help our bride & groom models look stunning!! (More on all of this soon!!)

3. I photographed 7 regular sessions, including engagements, family, and children’s sessions.

4. I realized that while wedding season hasn’t officially started for me yet (my first big wedding of the year is Saturday!!) – busy season is really starting to ramp up! After a few months of taking things slow and steady – things have picked up and I’m loving it! Keep it coming! It feels great to be out shooting regularly again!! 🙂

5. I spent as much time as possible with family and friends in preparation for true busy season. I know this summer and fall are going to be nuts – so I squeezed every last minute of time with friends & family in as I could this past month! We literally had someone over for a cookout at least 1-2 times per week. James was starting to wonder what the heck was going on! haha 🙂

(All this busy-ness had me making faces like this…)


Aside from all the things I did… most importantly – this month I learned to let go. I stopped letting the Fear that had set in during the months prior consume me, and instead I focused on DOING. I focused on working and serving my clients well. I focused on booking new shoots and turning around the shoots I did book quickly. And it’s amazing how a busy mind = a happy mind. Truly. I didn’t let the Fear take over me. Sure, I still have reasons to let it creep in – but I make a conscious effort not to. I trust that if I treat my clients well and focus on producing quality work and providing a fabulous experience – that things will continue to happen and the money will work itself out in the end. (Crazy? Perhaps. But it sure keeps me much more sane/happy! … for now anyway?!)

Either way – I can’t complain. Things are moving along… new work is coming in, and past clients are coming back to book another session with me – which always makes me feel like I must be doing something right (thank goodness)!

This past month was truly amazing – refreshing – inspiring – exhilarating — and on top of it all, it ended with the sweetest gesture from one of my past couples, as I mentioned at the start of this post.

I checked the mail yesterday and found a little package from Minnesota. Minnesota?! Naturally, I ripped into it immediately – and inside I found a little yellow envelope and a beautiful yellow and gray scarf. (Just my style!! ;)) I quickly opened the envelope – still shocked that someone had sent me a surprise gift – and found this:


I was so moved I became choked up and suddenly felt happy tears running down my face. I pulled myself together and I went to find James and repeated over & over… “Look what Leyah and Pako sent me!! Isn’t this so nice?! I can’t believe they did this! Look what they sent! How sweet! I can’t believe someone would send me something – just because!!”

And here is the scarf! Isn’t it so pretty?!


I’m feeling so blessed today (& always) – and oh-so-happy to be able to continue doing what I love day in and day out!!! <3



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