Melinda + Bill ~ Chicago Engagement Photography

I met up with Melinda and Bill (possibly the most laid back couple ever – love them!) on a unseasonably warm, but cloudy Sunday afternoon for their engagement session. These two requested secluded urban – so we found them secluded urban! We wandered around some old warehouse/industrial buildings in a shockingly deserted portion of Chicago and snapped away. There were occasional bits of light rain – but we just kept on shooting right through it! (These two are troopers!) Eventually though, the weather won – and we were caught in an absolute crazy DOWNPOUR on the top of a parking structure in an attempt to get some skyline shots! It wasn’t even the kind of rain you could continue to shoot through. I was secretly hoping for some super-cool kissing in the rain pictures – but it was literally coming down in buckets and sideways – so after about 2 seconds of it (and 3 photos later) – I yelled, “Run to the cars!!!!!”  Melinda, Bill, and I were cracking up laughing and waved goodbye through semi-cracked windows – unable to get out for a proper hug and chat at the end of the session… because seriously – it was really. really. raining. 🙂

(You may also recognize this location if you’ve seen any of the sneak peeks from my workshops last weekend — I loved this location so much I decided to shoot the styled shoot portion of my advanced workshop in the same spot! :))



That last image makes me smile every time!! I love them for laughing through the crazy rain! 🙂


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