Chloe’s Adventures in Wisconsin ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Well, as I promised last week – here is a look back at Chloe’s weekend in Wisconsin for Easter! Enjoy! 🙂


Enjoying the fresh Wisconsin air… 

She was basically nuts for the entire day Saturday. No naps, no nothing – just pure crazy!

Until she knocked out during dinner when she got tired of begging… 🙂

But woke up in time to help with the dishes! (Does that look familiar?!)

Then she and dad had a moment or two… ha!!

And out.

The next day she had to get up bright and early and be on the look out for the Easter bunny! 😉

Then the true test of Chloe’s endurance…. Playing with 10-week-old Cocoa, my godparent’s new puppy!! Too cute!

I was worried about Cocoa at first – but then a moment later she took Chloe down with her little puppy teeth! haha 🙂

We walked out to the pond at my godparent’s house – and Chloe wanted to take her first swim oh-so-badly. But we stopped her…

Back to puppy wrestling! Just casually sitting on Cocoa… “What???”

Cocoa’s revenge! 🙂

How cute is she?!

Back at my parent’s house and she was WIPED OUT from the puppy escapades!

Finally heading back to Chicago after a busy weekend. We cleared the entire car and shoved our bags all to one side so Chloe could lay on the seat, and what does she do? Lays ON TOP of our bags! What a goof!



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