Steven + Ilana ~ East Bank Club & Kinzie Street Bridge ~ Chicago Elopement Photography

First of all – if you’re coming here from A Practical Wedding today – Welcome!!! And if you’re not – then you should pop over to A Practical Wedding and read my wedding graduate post that is up today!! Okay – now back to your regularly scheduled programming… 🙂

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I got a call two Wednesdays ago from one of my former bosses at the law firm, Steven. He left me a voicemail telling me he needed to speak to me, that it was pretty urgent, and to please call him back as soon as possible. I was thrown a bit off guard, but of course I took it seriously and as soon as I got out of a meeting I was in – I called him (even though it was almost 10pm). After just a ring or two his fiance, Ilana, answered the phone in her totally fabulous Costa Rican accent and quickly told me in her best Spanglish that she and Steven planned to elope Friday evening and that they’d love for me to be there to capture it for them.

Umm, what?! You’re eloping?! In 2 days?!

Of course I said I’d do my best to be there! I had to change some plans around and head home for Easter later than scheduled, but we made it work – and I was so honored to share this moment with Steven and Ilana! (Especially because I’m the one that took Steven’s profile photos a few years back that resulted in he and Ilana dating! That’s right – I’m responsible for this marriage… at least that’s what Ilana tells me and I’m going to believe her!)

They were married by a judge/friend of Steven’s (the perks of being a lawyer – you know lots of judges!) on the rooftop of the East Bank Club downtown overlooking the river. It was a quick little ceremony and then we headed down to the Kinzie Street Bridge for a few more photos before they met up with Steven’s family for Passover dinner.

I had such a great time with these two, as always! It is so obvious how crazy they are about each other – that you can’t help but smile when you’re with them! 🙂 (Oh, and  how fabulous is her jacket?! Seriously.)


So – much – love! 🙂

. . . .

Oh – and should I mention that after we were all done with the photos they both jokingly said that this was really just a test, and that if they liked the photos enough they’d hire me for their ‘real’ wedding to be held later in Costa Rica. Excuse me?! You better be serious you two! 😉 And if so – I hope I passed the test! 😉


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