The Week in Review ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

This past week was particularly crazy, and I desperately need to spend today getting work done (in preparation for an equally busy weekend) – so I’m going to post just a few images with a glimpse at the past week!

So here it is – a week in review Tyler Family style! 🙂


The weather turned GORGEOUS (and hasn’t stopped since)! But at the time we didn’t think it would last – so we took a stroll around our neighborhood last Friday night to soak it in. 🙂


Puppy crazy (and attacking James). Puppy sweet, innocent, and sleepy in the morning…


Some of you may have seen on Facebook – I went to Milwaukee for a session and a meet-up on Sunday (it was gorgeous!!), and also managed to run out of gas while parking downtown!! (I know, right?!) Thankfully I have the best friends in the world (seriously) – and Missy & Dave drove down to bring me gas, and then we headed out for lunch! 🙂


While I was there I booked a couple that I LOVE (and I can’t wait to shoot their Madison, WI wedding – yay UW alums!), and photographed these adorable twins!


Busy week = donuts for breakfast and iced lattes to keep me going!


I  photographed the gorgeous Lauren, and then I helped out at Jasmine Star’s The Fix and had such an amazing day meeting others in the industry and listening to Jasmine’s totally inspirational talk!!! Love her!!


And I couldn’t do a wrap-up of this week without talking about the weather!!! It was 70-75 degrees all week in Chicago – and it’s supposed to continue well into the 10-day forecast!!! Yes please!! I decided to take Chloe to the lake one particularly beautiful morning, and quickly realized upon arriving that I had lost my mind – and should not bring the dog here by myself – because she is totally out – of – control !!!

But let’s pretend the crazy dog part didn’t happen – and instead pretend I spent the morning reading poetry and meditating while looking at this beautiful view of the skyline… shall we?


This weekend will be equally busy with a trip to Rockford to meet with clients that I loooove for coffee and to chat about their wedding… a mini St. Patrick’s Day dinner party, complete with corned beef & potatoes… and a proposal shoot on Sunday!

I hope you all have fabulous weekends and if you’re in the midwest and having this beautiful weather as well – I hope you get out and enjoy it! Spring came out of nowhere and we’re LOVING it! 🙂

Happy weekending! xoxo!


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