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Okay, Okay… I know I say this every month at this time – but seriously this time – how has it been a month already?! I really feel like I just got back from WPPI in Vegas (and that may or may not be because I have yet to unpack my suitcase from the trip – Yeeeeeahhhh…. :-\ Oops)!

Anyway – I thought in preparation for this post that I would go back and re-read my past monthly Self-Employment posts. In doing so I realized that early on my main struggle was finding a work/life balance so that I could be happy doing what I love, but not let it completely consume my life. I noticed when I went back to reflect on these posts that I never really posted about money or business issues – and in retrospect I see that was because I was so busy shooting – doing the “technician’s” work of my business – that the “manager” and “entrepreneur” sides of my personality never had time to show themselves. (If you’re wondering what in the heck I’m talking about – definitely check out The E Myth Revisited!!)

And just like in the book – I now realize that I let the “technician” run the show around here for so long that I lost track of managing my business and making sure it was financially sound in the months and years ahead. It wasn’t until this past month, month 6, that those issues hit me like a ton of bricks. As I mentioned earlier last week – The Fear consumed me after I spoke with my accountant about my 2011 taxes and budgeting for 2012. I realized that I hadn’t focused on all parts of my business as I should have (perhaps because I was so busy being a “technician” and focusing only on the day-to-day work – that I let the rest fall by the wayside), and that if I want to continue to be successful – I seriously need to get a grasp on the “business” side of my business. Basically, I need to put on my “manager” hat and get things in order!

After my complete freak out about how on earth I was going to make this work in the long run, I started to contemplate where I really want to go with my business. I thought back to my “Why”. I put on my “entrepreneur” hat and focused on developing a business that would continue to grow and thrive (including during ‘off season’) – as well as serve my purpose (my “Why”) of being a photographer. And it was at that moment that I realized I knew the answer all along…

It is obvious that I love photographing people in love. I love telling people’s love stories for them to share with family and friends for generations to come. (And I will absolutely continue to do so now and in the future.) However, that doesn’t mean that I need to focus solely on that one milestone in life. I have the capability of continuing a relationship with my clients (especially my brides!) who I miss so dearly after their wedding has come and gone!! And since my “Why” really focuses more squarely on women… on helping them discover their inner beauty… on helping coax it out of them and bring it out for the world to see… on continuing to feel that strength, beauty, and confidence from that day forward in their lives – that this next step is a natural one for my business and for me.

It was in this “entrepreneur” moment – that I realized what I needed to do. And after weeks spent contemplating this decision and figuring out how to make it work – I’m so excited to announce the new Beautiful division of Christy Tyler Photography – – intimate portraits for women, focusing on discovering their beauty within and drawing it outward from that moment forward.

You saw a sneak peek into this new division of my business last week when I posted a couple photos of the gorgeous Lauren. (Full post coming soon!) In the meantime, I can’t wait for the plans I have for this new division of my business and how I plan to incorporate it with my wedding clients!! (*Ahem* – last year’s brides – keep an eye out for an email from me in the next week!!! And current brides – watch for a blog post soon with more information about Girl’s Day In bachelorette parties that I’ll be offering starting very, very soon!) Until then, if any of you have questions or are interested in booking a Beautiful session – please contact me!



This new venture makes me SO happy – you have no idea! I can’t wait for the women I work with to see the beauty that others see in them!! I can’t wait for them to feel absolutely amazing and 100% fabulous about themselves! No judging, no negative self-talk… just feeling beautiful from the inside – out! 🙂 <3


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