Water Marble Nails Amazingness ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

(Yes I know, Amazingness is not a word. But I said it. 🙂 Moving on…)

You. Guys.

I saw this photo pinned on Pinterest the other day and immediately became obsessed (which should not surprise any of you that are aware of my nail polish problem)!!

Obviously I needed to try this for myself as fast as humanly possible. So on Monday night I poured myself a glass of wine, turned on The Bachelor, and went about attempting this whole water marble nails thing!! (I know – The Bachelor… don’t judge. I love it so!)

Because I’m all about full disclosure and not acting like me or my life is perfect – I’m going to go ahead and tell you this wasn’t super duper easy (like all the videos I found on YouTube make it look). It took me a couple times to get it right, but I think it was worth it! Also – I tried to cover the rest of my fingertip with tape like they suggest, but since we only had duct tape on hand – let’s just say it didn’t work out so well! ha ha… So I finally just gave up and dipped my finger without any tape and then used nail polish remover to clean up around my nail afterwards.


I picked the colors I wanted to use… taped up my finger…


I got a plastic cup of water ready, had a toothpick on hand (the only one we had was a cocktail umbrella – haha!), and tape…


Then I started with one nail polish, dripped one drop of polish into the cup. Then I picked another color, dripped one drop in the center, and continued until I had all the colors I wanted forming a bullseye. Then I used the toothpick to draw a design in the colors. (Dip your nail in face down obviously.) I used the toothpick to clear the remaining nail polish away from my finger so I could pull it out of the water without the extra polish getting on it again. (If I’m making no sense… go watch the You Tube videos! haha)


My first attempt was not so fabulous (I clearly bumped my nail on something). So I tried again (not pictured) with duct tape. I didn’t like it so I tried my thumb with no tape this time…


The mess I made…


BUT – the awesome result!!!


I’m definitely going to try this again soon! I know it’ll get easier with practice (as all things do). If you guys try it – send me the pics! I want to see!!!!


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