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The last few days have been kind of “blah” around these parts.

It’s been raining mostly non-stop, and the sun hasn’t come out in quite a while. Also, James started school yesterday and simultaneously came down with a nasty bug that has left him balled up on the couch for the last two days straight. And as it turns out (and as he reminds me pretty regularly) – I’m not a good nurse. I’m more of a ‘tough love’ kind of nurse, I suppose. I’ll help him out when he needs it (get him food & water, and run to the store for medicine) but for some reason I always wish he’d just get up and feel better already! (Oops.)

Is anyone else out there terrible about granting their partner’s every wish/need when they’re kind of whiny and laying on the couch all day… even if they are actually really sick? I’m working on this! My goal is that next time James is sick I’ll have way better bedside manner, while at the same time avoiding him as much as possible so I don’t get sick too. I suppose it would help my feelings towards the situation if the man would actually go to the doctor when he’s sick now and then, instead of insisting on getting over it naturally (i.e. being sick for weeks) every. single. time.

Anyway – as it turns out – not having James to help out around the house makes me realize just how much he does on a day to day basis. The laundry is stacking up, we have no food in the refrigerator, the dishes are piling, the mail is laying unopened… basically the house is slowly turning to shambles. Oh – and let’s not forget the dog!! Oh my goodness do I miss having James to play with Chloe. Normally I take her out during daylight, and James takes her out once the sun is down… and in the middle of all that he also plays with her a LOT. When she doesn’t get played with or taken out for some exercise – she is NUTS and slowly drives me to insanity with all the things she manages to get into around the house. But between being on day + night walking shifts, helping James when he needs it, and working – I haven’t been very good about playing with the Chlo-meister.

So finally, after 2 days of being shut inside because of mud, rain, and a sick James – I took her out to run around and blow off some steam. And I’m SO GLAD I did. Ahh – what  little bit of exercise does for us, right? (Also – I felt WAY better myself after getting out and getting my lungs/heart going!) Not to mention that afterwards I was finally able to get some work done because she was totally knocked out!!

AND – as a bonus – she then started to act as James’ sympathetic nurse!


Waiting for him to come out of the bathroom… Comforting/cuddling with him on the couch…


Keeping an eye out for any approaching danger… Keeping him warm & helping him avoid the fever chills…


Waiting patiently to see if he needs anything… Checking for a fever with her nose…


Let’s face it – she has way better bedside manner than me. 😉

. . .

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