Workshopping! ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Okay – now that things have seemed to get (mostly) under control around here… I’m really starting to think about this whole workshop thing! I seriously want to host a workshop – because I am a girl that loves to teach people things and share my knowledge. And while I LOVE doing FAQ posts for you all – what I love even more is meeting people in person, helping them understand something they didn’t before, and making new friends!!



That being said… I’m really not sure where to start with this workshop thing-a-ma-jig. Basically – I have a LOT of questions for you guys.

SO – if you could fill out this survey for me regarding the workshop I would GREATLY… GREATLY… GREATLY appreciate it! (As in – BIG TIME appreciate it.) Because I have no idea what you guys can afford, what you’d want to learn, how long you’d want to spend with me (before wanting to strangle me), where you would prefer it be held, what months/days of the week work best for you, and most importantly – – if any of you even want to come to a workshop that I’m hosting to begin with!!



So if you could please take this quick little survey I made up – I’d love you forever for it!!!! 🙂 xoxo  ~ Christy 🙂



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