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I’ve realized that I do a lot of posts with little updates from our life via cell phone pictures… so I think I’m just going to start calling this series “Tidbits” – since I’m running out of names to call it!! ha ha 🙂 And since it is just a bunch of little tidbits based on whatever I’ve taken pictures of lately … I figure it’s a good name, right?!

Okay – so here we go! Tidbits of life for you! (*ahem* … There are lots of them… because I haven’t shared much in a while – so get ready for a big post!)


First off – a little catch up on early October… which includes Chloe when she was still tiny, pretty fall leaves, a road trip to shoot a wedding in Prairie du Chien, WI (where I had some of the best fried cheese curds EVER), a pit stop in Madison on our way back (with some reflecting at the pier where J proposed over 3 years ago), too much junk food during our long drives, and a new outfit to shoot my fall weddings in! 🙂


Next up: everybody loving Chloe, my mom and brother Josh visited Chicago (YEAH!) = margaritas + Mexican food, a sneak peek of my office, more cuddling with Chloe (which James may be getting sick of having it documented… see: remote on his face – ha!), lots of lattes to keep my productivity up, and driving all over our beautiful city for sessions …


And finally, Chloe getting into trouble (see: toilet paper), boxed wine (yes, we’re classy like that!), Chloe sitting in her new favorite spot in our little hatchback car on a trip to Wisconsin for sessions last weekend, Packer game + Packer snacks, Chloe begging for Packer snacks, delicious chicken chili, and a beautiful Wisconsin sunset…


And now, to end my post – what I’m thankful for today…

I’m so thankful for my parents, and the fact that I have a wonderful home to come back to visit with James and Chloe – where we always feel absolutely welcome, relaxed, and loved!! Thanks mom & dad! <3


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