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I’ve seen a lot of people doing 30 Days of Thanks on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere, and I thought – what better thing to jump on board with than being positive about the blessings in your life?!

I’m not quite going to do 30 Days of Thanks (although I am going to think of something I am thankful for every day) – but I’m only going to share something with you all 5-days a week with each of my blog posts. So even if it is a wedding or a family post, I’m going to tack something on the end  that I am thankful for that day.

I think this will be fabulous for me to do – because while I generally feel incredibly thankful – lately I’ve been letting my to-do list get me in a bit of a cranky mood (mostly when it comes to James, sorry J!). Instead of embracing my busy-ness, I get frustrated with James when he interrupts my work, or asks me to do something (and we’re talking at all hours of the day, even hours I probably shouldn’t be working). I say, “Can’t you see, I’m working?!” – all irritated. And well… it’s not cool. Not. Cool. At all.

We had a long talk about everything a few days ago – about how I need to get on a schedule and make sure to make time for myself, sleep, exercise, and us. (Well, maybe it was more me talking & James listening.) Because if I am crabby about being overworked and not having time for anybody/anything – I have no one to blame but myself. And in all honesty, when I really think about it – I’m doing the best I can to stay caught up – and things have been going pretty well! (See that right there? Positive thoughts! Yes!) 🙂



On top of all the self reflection and talking with James about everything, the other day I saw something Mary Marantz (of Justin & Mary) posted on Twitter that really clicked with me. I immediately thought, why didn’t I think of that?!


She said:  “Whenever it feels like I have too much on my plate, I give thanks for the extra helpings.”

So in honor of that brilliantly simple, but amazing thought – this is the first thing I’m thankful for…. the extra helpings. Because if my plate wasn’t full, I’m sure I’d be much more stressed worrying about how I was going to pay the bills, than I am about being busy. Right? So – I’m going to turn being stressed into feeling very, very blessed. (And let’s hope those extra helpings keep on coming!)


What are you all thankful for today? I’d love to hear!


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