Happy Halloween! ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Well, if you’ve been following me over on Facebook – you know that I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a dog costume for Halloween this year. And then everybody pointed out that Target has super cheap costumes, but as it turned out, I was too busy to run over there and get anything. SO – I decided we’d “make” our own. (Yes, I realize I’m using the term ‘make’ very loosely here! ha ha)

We basically dressed Chloe as James for Halloween. 🙂 (i.e. She is a Disgruntled Bulls Fan, or something…?)

I will confess that I like dogs in clothes (as any of you that read the blog regularly know), but I especially like dogs in hats/sunglasses/anything on their head. (I think I like the extra challenge..?) I had it down to a science with Phoenix and after a couple times of dressing her up – she just let me do whatever I wanted. Scarves – my clothes – hats – sunglasses – fairy wings – Crate & Barrel ribbon – Christmas lights — you name it — she wore it without complaint. Chloe, however, is a different story (and she is obviously not yet used to my dog-dressing ways)!

I guess what I’m saying is that I know these are not the best pictures ever – but YOU try and get a 4-month old puppy to sit still with a hat on long enough to take a picture – thankyouverymuch!



(I still think that for her first attempt ever at wearing anything other than a leash & a collar – she did pretty good!) 🙂


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