Hurley Family ~ The Little Farmer ~ Fond du Lac Family Photography

The location of today’s session may look familiar because I shot it immediately following yesterday’s session at The Little Farmer! Like I said before – I couldn’t get over how beautiful this location was – and how perfect it was for a session!

And the Hurley family made it even more fun! They were so laid back and up for anything, so it ended up feeling more like we were just hanging out and goofing off than it did like we were actually shooting a session – which is always fabulous! We got caramel apples, wandered around the grounds, and played on the playground. And these guys kept themselves (and me) laughing the entire time!


Poor little guy couldn’t ever get to the apple part of his caramel apple! ha ha… so cute. 🙂

Love this – do they look fabulous or what?!

Little guy decided to march up to the camera during family portrait time… ha ha! Adorable. 🙂

Love this family!!

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