Beautiful ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Life is a lot of things lately…


… busy

… sad

… hard

… funny

… ironic

… exhausting

… short


But most of all…     life is beautiful.


I know that may sound a bit cheesy, but something hit me as I was driving home from a session in the southwest suburbs last night. The sun was setting and the sky was aglow with an assortment of unbelievable colors (much like a few nights ago). One of my favorite songs came on the radio as I approached the city, while wispy clouds hung over the skyscrapers.

And all I could think was – Life is beautiful. This moment is beautiful.

Of course the photographer in me wished there was somewhere to pull over and take a picture of the city skyline with all the colors glowing around it. The perfect summer night, I thought. I wanted to remember it forever. This moment. Forever. And then I realized… I didn’t have to take a photo of it to remember. I could just pause my brain for one moment – stop all the noise inside of me – and soak it in.  … A song on the radio, the surprisingly cool summer night’s breeze blowing in the sun roof, the city skyline, an amazing sunset, and me.


Earlier that day I was feeling overwhelmed with life. I was frustrated and exhausted and wishing for just one day to get some sleep with no to-do list running through my head at a million miles a minute. But suddenly in that moment in the car, all of those feelings disappeared. I thought of how blessed I am. I thought of my siblings, my parents, my niece & nephews, my old friends and new friends, my cousins/aunts/uncles, my cute old pup… and of course – my husband. I smiled and took a deep breath. My heart felt full.

Regardless of my to-do list, or my lack of sleep, or anything else I could think of to feel stressed or upset about… Here I was, in this moment – breathing in life and all it has brought to me. And I couldn’t help but think it over and over again…


Life is beautiful…


Life.       Is.      Beautiful.


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