Holly + Chris ~ Forrestal’s Gallery ~ Madison Wedding Photography

Apparently it’s becoming the norm for me to be completely in love with my clients. I suppose that’s a great thing right? The problem is that I’m afraid you guys think that I’m just making up a bunch of nice things to say about people just to say nice things because they are my clients … but the thing is, that’s not true. The thing is – that I actually mean everything I say. Because, lucky me, the people I get to photograph are actually quite amazing human beings.

And, naturally, Holly and Chris are two of just those type of people.

I cannot tell you how many times through the course of their wedding day Holly and Chris checked on me to make sure I was okay and see if I needed anything. On too many occasions to count, as I was rearranging furniture/rooms for photos, Holly offered to help me move things around. Every time I said the same thing… “It’s your wedding day. I got this. You relax…” 🙂

But apparently neither Holly or Chris can just shut off the nice/giving/selfless part of their brains. Those things are such a part of who they both are that they couldn’t turn it off for one day – especially not on their wedding day. And this, I believe, is why these two are so fabulous together. You can genuinely see the love they have for each other and can always see that one is trying their best to make the other happy, at ease, comfortable, and know they are taken care of. They are both immensely kind, giving, and – as I said before – selfless…. which makes for a pretty amazing partnership if you ask me.

Chris and Holly’s wedding day was a true reflection of themselves. It was laid back, beautiful, and there was an ease about it all. The entire thing was held at the beautiful Forrestal’s Gallery in Middleton, WI, which made for the perfect backdrop for an incredibly moving and emotional day.


Congratulations again Holly and Chris! It was an incredible honor to be a part of your day and to get to know you two throughout this entire process. I wish you guys all the best in life, and all the happiness in the world!  xoxo! 🙂



(p.s… Did I mention that Holly’s grandma made her wedding dress? Because she did. How awesome is that?!) 🙂

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