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Life has been crazy lately (in case you haven’t noticed).

This weekend is the first one we’ve spent in Chicago in a month! Last time we were in Chicago for a weekend was April 16th & 17th! Can you believe that? Initially I didn’t realize why today felt different – until it dawned on me… I’m not packing to head out of town! We were in Wisconsin three weekends in a row (for a wedding, Easter, a newborn session/family time) and last weekend we spent in St. Louis for another wedding (pics coming soon!).

But this weekend? This weekend we are home.

And I’m *kind of* completely stoked about it.

I have a couple of sessions Saturday but other than that – I plan to stay in my pajamas all weekend and play catch up by editing like a crazy person! (When you work a day job, but are shooting like you’re nearly full-time – you’re weekends are precious. So this whole being out of town thing AND shooting sessions – really put me behind in terms of editing. I literally cannot wait to get caught up – because… well, otherwise I just stress out about it – and that’s not fun. (Especially not if you’re James and have to hear about it all day… ha ha.))

But after working my butt off on Saturday and Sunday… I plan to take Monday off. Because you know what Monday is? No? You don’t? Okay then… I’ll tell ya!

Monday is our 2-year wedding anniversary – which is absolutely crazy-talk to me!! No, seriously – where have the last two years gone?! So I took the day off from my day job, and plan to spend it with James for a change! (I know, who does that?! Who spends time with their husband?!) I’m sure you’ll still hear from me, because who passes up an opportunity to show off pretty wedding pictures and brag about your fabulous partner?! (Let’s be honest.) But other than that, we plan to hang out – maybe have a nice dinner out in the city – you know, act like married people…. and I can’t wait!


What are you kids up to this weekend? Hopefully something where you can enjoy the spring weather (finally!) and smile with somebody you love! 🙂



p.s. Don’t you love this picture? I found this in my old archives! My lovely friend and roommate at the time, Sarah Casella (who no longer lives in the city & I miss like crazy!!), and I had a *teensy* bit too much wine and played with sparklers & slow shutter speeds on our porch, and this is one pic from the group of photos we took.  Makes me smile. (Don’t you love how photos, even the most random ones, take you back to a time in your life and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Well I do!) 🙂


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