2 years…

I find it completely unbelievable that two whole years have gone by already.  (I know, I know… those of you married 5, 10, 25, 50 years…? 2 years is like pocket change… big deal. But 2 years for me? Already? It’s kind of crazy!)

Perhaps it feels like it came too quickly because for me it really seems like just yesterday that I was walking down the aisle, grinning from ear to ear, while unsuccessfully holding back tears (which James thought meant that I did not want to be getting married – ha – wrong!), surrounded by everybody I could possibly think of that I wanted there to share it with me… everybody I love in my life.

I can’t quite handle the feeling I get when I look back on it. When I look at photos from that day…. my heart feels like it may burst.  Still.

My goodness, it’s a lot to take in for one day, isn’t it? Marrying my love, my best friend, my confidante… while also being surrounded by all these people from different corners of my life that I love completely… who have traveled from all over the country (and world) to be here to share this with us. It really is quite overwhelming. And magnificent. (If I do say so myself.)

And while I have a million beautiful photos from my lovely friends who photographed the day… I found it really interesting to see photos that people took with the disposable cameras we had at each table. It felt fitting for me, the photographer, to take a day off and ask my guests to document the night through their eyes – with these crappy little cameras. And let me say that it was completely intriguing to see how people reacted to a camera being held by someone they knew… a friend or a relative. I found myself trying to guess who took each photo, trying to figure out the relationship – or if they knew they were being photographed. Because the thing about disposable cameras is that they are so inconspicuous – anybody could have been armed with one at any time that night and snapped a picture before you even realized they had a camera. And as we developed the film from each one – it appeared that LOTS of people had the cameras with them through out the night. Which was completely awesome.


And when I look back on that day… on all the photos and all the memories… all I see – in every photo – is LOVE.

Love of all kinds… between old friends, between sisters, between cousins, between new friends, between lovers. And looking back on those photos – I realized that our wedding day was not just about us – but was also about everybody who came and shared that day with us. So on our 2-year anniversary I’m so happy and feeling completely blessed that I get to share this life with my my amazing husband. And while we are celebrating ‘us’ – we are also reminiscing about that day… The day when our loved ones came together to support and celebrate the start of our marriage.  And we are so thankful.


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