“us” time & 2-year self portraits

So, as most of you know, yesterday was mine and James’ 2-year wedding anniversary. (I know, I know… you’re super impressed. It’s okay. We are too!) 😉  I took the day off from my office job and promised not to work on any photography stuff, and James just finished school for the semester – so we had an entire day to spend together. I know for some people that might not be a big deal… but for us? For us – that is a BIG. DEAL.

Let’s just say there may have been days lately where James says… “Sometimes I feel like I don’t know you anymore.” … and that’s not in a bad way, like I’ve turned into some terrible person he no longer recognizes… but instead is more like, “We don’t have the time we used to to just sit and talk about life together and sometimes I wonder what your thoughts are about things lately.” (Not that that is much better though, I suppose. Hmph.) Either way – yesterday – we had an entire day together. And we cherished it. Every minute of it.

We slept in, we went to the gym, we napped, we had no plans… and then spontaneously decided to act like Chicagoans and actually go out and experience something in our city that we never had before – We went to the Shedd Aquarium!

But on our drive there, the most terrible thing happened – – I realized I forgot my camera!!!

I know. Terrible. My other half – left at home.

I gasped when I realized, nearly causing James to slam on the brakes because he thought a little baby animal was on the on the road in front of us, about to get run over.

He responded, “What?! What is it?!”


After a moments pause he laughed and said, “Well, I guess you’ll just have to experience life like a normal person for a change.”

(I nearly asked him to turn around, but then reconsidered and thought… okay. Okay. I can do this. No photos necessary…)

So we went, and we enjoyed ourselves… and afterwards we headed to a lovely little Mexican restaurant with a fabulous patio – where we sat and shared a pitcher of margaritas and enjoyed dinner together in the sun.

Then (because I’ve been dying to do a shoot with blossoming trees at sunset, and somehow managed to get James to promise to do it for our anniversary) we stopped home to grab my camera and headed to the lake shortly before sunset. He was completely tormented about doing these silly photos – but like most things I convince him to do – he was happy we did them when all was said and done.


And so – here we are – 2 years later… (Testing the light before setting the self-timer and looking utterly uninterested in this situation.) 🙂

I had to punch him for a bit. He deserved it though – You should have seen how many outtakes there were of these photos!  ha ha

Speaking of outtakes…

Our attempt at a “Team Tyler” jump! 🙂

Has James had enough of the paparazzi???

We arrived back home and the pretty light in the kitchen + me wearing his Cubs hat inspired James to take a few himself. (Don’t get any ideas though. I’m still a Brewers fan kids!)

Of course, if I had to take some, then he did to!

And last but not least… our ‘fierce’ model walks on our way home. Too many margaritas perhaps??  😉


All in all you could say it was a fabulous day.

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