eleanor + eric ~ st. louis wedding photography

I had the pleasure of photographing my first APW couple, Eleanor & Eric, in St. Louis just over a week ago. (And let me tell you – they did not disappoint my expectations that all people I meet through APW are instant friends and genuinely amazing people.)

Because they live 5 hours away, I didn’t get to meet Eleanor and Eric until their wedding day – but based on all the emails exchanged between Eleanor and I, I knew we’d get along just fine! I mean, let’s be real, they had a small outdoor ceremony, and a pizza & beer reception… these are obviously my kind of people! 🙂 (Not to mention how wonderful Eleanor was in her emails… taking time during what I’m sure was an insanely busy week before her wedding to tell me about all the good restaurants and micro-brews in St. Louis to check out with James while we were in town. (Thank you hon!)

The wedding day itself was rather cool for May in St. Louis, and it rained off and on throughout the day. But lucky for us, the rain stopped long enough that we could get some portraits of the two of them under perfectly overcast skies before the guests started to arrive, and the rain stopped again just in time so that the ceremony could be held outdoors.

Speaking of the ceremony… my goodness people… this may be one of my favorites. There was a point in the ceremony (when Eleanor’s sister was doing her reading) when I nearly lost it completely. Tears were flowing down my face as I snapped photos. (I was pretty embarrassed about it, and attempted to wipe them away over and over before anybody saw… but then realized that everybody else was equally moved by what was being read and that none of them even noticed me. Thank goodness! ha ha) The readings were so meaningful and obviously thoughtfully chosen by Eleanor and Eric to perfectly fit their relationship – that it was impossible to not be moved by it all. Also, there is just something about a small wedding (I’ve never been to one before this) that is incredible. Each person is invested so closely in the couple, so happy for them, so supportive of this union… It was truly amazing to witness.

But enough of me talking about how beautiful this day way and how ridiculously happy Eleanor and Eric make each other…. go see for yourself!


These may be the best post-ceremony faces ever. SO HAPPY!!! Absolutely love it!

Congratulations Eleanor and Eric! Thank you SO MUCH for your hospitality and for including me in your beautiful day! XO! 🙂

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