new bio pictures (& why I stay behind the camera usually)

As I’ve mentioned many times before – this month I’m in the middle of re-branding my business. My designers and I chatted and decided to incorporate a lot more photos of me into my new website so people can really get a feel for who I am and what I’m like. When I agreed to that, I kind of forgot that meant I had to actually get photos of myself taken! (Ugh. Let me just say right now… in case I haven’t mentioned it before… there is a reason I’m a photographer – because I much prefer to be BEHIND the camera than IN FRONT of it.)

As it turned out – I didn’t have any sessions this weekend because I’d left it open to work on editing, as well as developing content and picking out photos for my website. So after discussing things with my designers and realizing I needed to get photos of myself taken ASAP, I figured I could squeeze that in this weekend as well. And as any of you know who live in the region – we lucked out and got some absolutely beautiful weather to shoot in this weekend!

James was a trooper and agreed to take the photos for me even though he was running on little-to-no sleep since he works 3rd shift on weekends. (As you all know… J is my 2nd shooter for weddings, so the practice was good for him – kind of like having a personal workshop with me, except that having me critique and model was probably not a good combo. Especially because I’m not a fan of modeling/having my picture taken to begin with. A common line I used throughout the weekend was, “You’re doing great! The photo looks good… but I look ridiculous. It’s me. Not you.” So – you can imagine how much fun this was for James! ha ha)

I think James took approximately one million photos, but for the purpose of this blog I narrowed it down to the photos of myself I could mostly tolerate. ha! There are more that will probably be used for the site – but that all still needs to be determined. Anyway – I suppose I’ve delayed getting to the pictures long enough…. so… here they are:

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