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James came home from running errands last night (because he does all that stuff, even though he’s in school and working and plenty busy himself… because somehow I managed to marry the coolest guy ever, but I digress) and he brought home treats! He went to Trader Joe’s and apparently you can buy individual bottles of beer and cider there and make your own perfect little mix-o-bevies! So he did! And I was so excited about the cute little mix that I took pictures of them… naturally.

Also (the Goose Island beer got me thinking about this) – I realized that I have lived in Chicago for almost 6 years. That is nutso! For reals. Where has the time gone? 6 years?! I must be doing the math wrong. Must. Be. Because if that were true… that means I’m almost 30. And that can’t be right…

Anyway – the beer! The cider! (…which I’ve never tried, but have seen lots of people drinking lately, so I’m excited to finally get to try some! Maybe next time I meet Catie & Nick for a drink, perhaps I’ll drink cider with Catie. 🙂  If I like it – that is. Otherwise I’ll stick with my usual Blue Moon.)



p.s. – That’s Summertime beer! You read it right! 🙂 It’s that time of year… almost!  Yay!

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