empty brain + a toddler in a suit

I’m feeling a bit mentally empty today. Lately it seems that while I’ve been completely inspired about what 2011 has in store for this business of mine (brainstorming new ideas for things to do for my fabulous clients so they know I love them (!!), researching & thinking up things to send to my designer for my re-branding, and editing pictures from current sessions)… somewhere in all of that – my brain went blank for blogging. Usually I think of something during the day that I really want to share with you all – but apparently my brain has been SO focused on all these other new and exciting developments… that I can’t scrounge up anything interesting to share here.

So here I sit. Blank in the brain. Empty. So I figure I’ll do what anybody else would do… get back to work editing, researching, brainstorming and what not!

But you know I can’t leave you picture-less, so I thought I’d share one from my wedding! You see, yesterday my friend Trisha (over in Twitterland) was talking about how toddlers in suits are the cutest thing ever… and it gave me an instant flash back to our wedding. So naturally I had to share…

It’s his “Vogue” pose – hand on head, looking all serious… you know… it’s just how models roll.

. . . . .

Photo by Jon Hamblin.


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