The beautiful weather we had this weekend has me in full-on spring mode. I can’t wait for leaves to start budding on trees, and flowers to start blooming…

But most importantly – I can’t wait for lilacs!

They have always been my absolute, all time favorite flower… so much so, that I planned our entire wedding date around when we thought the lilacs back in Wisconsin would be blooming so we could use them for the wedding. It turned out to be quite a stressful decision in retrospect. (Using a flower that you have no control over when it blooms and that has a pretty short shelf-life for all of our reception decorations AND the main flower in our homemade bouquets? Eek!) The whole thing had my mom in a frenzy – checking the lilac bush in the backyard (where we planned to get all the lilacs from) on an almost daily basis. It was “Lilac Watch 2009” up in my parent’s house – for real! ha ha

As it ended up – the lilacs bloomed right on time for the wedding. (My mom and I think in thanks to my Grandma watching over her old lilac bush from above…)

The memory of spending the morning on the day before our wedding picking bucket after bucket full of them to take to the reception site brings me so much peace when I look back on it. I headed out to gather them by myself. They were still damp from the morning dew… smelling amazingly fragrant… all fully-bloomed and pale purple…

Yes, I’m definitely ready for lilacs to bloom again…


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