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Ang and Josh were married in Green Bay on the craziest snow day Wisconsin saw all last year. It was literally a blizzard outside shortly after the ceremony had ended. I am not exaggerating either – check out the photos I posted from the day after here
What shocked me most about this whole crazy weather situation was that it in no way affected the turnout they had for their big day. The place was packed regardless. Everyone that said they would come, came. People drove from all over the place to witness Ang and Josh make a lifelong commitment to each other – knowing full well that there was going to be one massive blizzard that day… Now that says something about these two… yes? 
They are literally the kind of people that friends and family will drive in a blizzard for. Their loved ones were not going to miss this day, even if it meant driving 10 miles an hour in white-out conditions home the next day. And that’s saying something. 
Ang and Josh – I am so honored that you two asked me to be a part of your day. The love you have for each other is so evident – anyone around you can see it in in the way you look at each other and treat one another. I’m almost positive I’ve never cried so much at a wedding before… (Ang, I may have you to blame for that one though – making everybody cry!) 😉 
Thank you so much for sharing this moment in your lives with me! All the best in life and love to you both…
xoxo ~Christy 🙂  
Ang and her girls showed up in the best of moods regardless of the chill in the air! 🙂

 James’s angle of the family portrait…
  … and my angle after we wrangled the boys… 🙂  
Another one of James’s… 

 J captured this adorable moment… I may have to start paying him, huh? 🙂 

And this one as well… I love that Josh is holding his parents’ hands while looking out for his bride-to-be… 🙂
 The ladies making their way to the ceremony!
Such a sweet moment between a father and his two daughters just before he’s about to walk his youngest down the aisle…
The next 3 pics (and a few more beyond here) were taken by J… At this point there are way too many photos that he took in here for me to call out every one… so let’s just suffice it to say – my hubs did an amazing job at his first wedding! 🙂 haha   And look at these two little dudes… So.Cute.

See what I was saying about Ang making everybody cry? Such touching moments… you had to be made of stone not to get choked up!

 Married and so happy! 🙂
 Two little cuties waiting at the end of the aisle for Aunt Ang and Uncle Josh!

It was fun to look back at the portraits and see what James was snapping from different angles… like the following bunch of images! This is my angle…

 James’s angle… 
 My angle… 
 James’s angle… 🙂 
 And of course we had to snap a few outside before the snow started! 

 It took the entire bridal party to get her dress bustled…. haha 😉 
I snuck outside to get a few more detail shots before all the light was gone!

 (It was a fun crew, in case you can’t tell…)  🙂
 Loved her blue shoes!
Back out into the wicked weather on the way to the reception!

 Such sweet speeches…

 Seriously… how cute are they together?!?

Congratulations again you two! 

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