regular & canvas prints available!

Hey guys! 
Just hopping on here quick today to let you all know I finally uploaded my ‘art prints’ to an Online Gallery so that anyone and everyone can order my photos if they like! 
So that means -you! and you! and you! 🙂 
The online gallery can be found here.
If you’re curious to see more images showing what the canvas gallery wrap prints look like – you can see them in the blog post I did last week.
***Also – be aware that when you choose sizes that require cropping (11×14, 5×7, 12×12, 8×10, etc.) the online gallery shows an automatic crop of the image just so that you’re aware the image will have to be cropped in order to make a print of the size you requested. 

However, please note that the way they show the image cropped is just an automatic crop their system does – it is not how I will actually crop the print! 
Instead, I will crop the image by hand so the print includes as much of the important features and artistic aspects of the image as possible. If you are concerned about how the print may look at the size you would like – please feel free to email me at with the image name and the size you would like – and I’d be more than happy to email you a sample crop so you know what you’re getting before you order and pay for it. 🙂 
Now… go! Browse around! 😉 

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