snow day

As I mentioned last Friday, this past weekend was my last wedding of 2010.  The big day happened to take place in Green Bay, Wisconsin – which was also host to a huge blizzard. 
James and I ended up staying overnight at the hotel where the reception took place because there was no way we could have driven in the conditions that night. So – instead Sunday morning was spent trekking south to my parent’s house (also in Wisconsin) where we planned to pick up Phoenix before heading the rest of the way home to Chicago. 
Well… after the first two hours in the car (spent driving nauseatingly slow and skidding from side to side on ice & snow) – we started to realize heading to Chicago may be a bad idea. And the last hour in the car really cemented that feeling. The weather became so wicked – there were points when all we saw was white… white in front of us – white on the ground – white to our right – white to our left.  Just white. Everywhere
My claustrophobic self started to hyperventilate a bit… I can’t lie. And I may or may not have screamed OH.MY.GOD! OH.MY.GOD! OH.MY.GOD! ARE WE ON THE ROAD OR IN THE DITCH?! WHAT IF A CAR IS COMING TOWARDS US?! WE COULD GET IN A HEAD-ON COLLISION AND NOT EVEN SEE IT COMING!!!! WHY AREN’T THE WINDSHIELD WIPERS WORKING?! (Turns out they were in fact working… but apparently driving in a white-out feels a lot like driving with an insanely foggy windshield.)
Thankfully – there weren’t too many other people who were stupid enough to drive in the middle of a blizzard – so we didn’t get hit. And by some miracle, we also didn’t end up in the ditch. Instead, we made it safely to my parent’s house (which, by the way, I have never been happier to see). 
So we bunkered down and waited the storm out… and enjoyed a snow day of sorts. Cozy and warm in the house while the snow whipped around outside.

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