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Lately I cannot get the thought of Mexico out of my mind… for lots of reasons…
1. I’ve kind of had it with winter for the most part. Mainly the darkness… I’ve had it with the darkness. So I can’t stop thinking about being somewhere bright and sunny. Seriously- can’
2. My lovely bride, Leyah, has been emailing everybody with lots of info about Zihuatanejo so we’re all in the know when we arrive for the wedding. And let me tell you – these emails are getting me even more unbearably excited about this trip than I already was! 🙂 Eeps! 
3. I normally shoot weddings wearing all black everything (pants, shoes, top), and in Mexico – I definitely will not be doing that. First of all – because I’d be insanely uncomfortable and hot. And secondly, who wears all black (or pants for that matter) in Mexico?! (I hope nobody! The only places you wear all black are in bummer winter climates, right? …like, *ahem* Chicago – right now. Seriously – everybody here is in black all.winter.long.)
Anyway – so I’ve been scoping out beachy gear lately – which is kind of tough to do this time of year… given that it’s winter. You know? So I of course found the winter getaway section of (technically they call it the beach boutique fancy, I know) and I went a little nutso looking at all the pretty things they have specifically designed for winter getaways to beachy/warm climates! Perfection! 
My dilemma is this… I want to be cool, comfortable, and also preferably look somewhat stylish and cute (because I feel like I’m getting lazy in the fashion department lately, and quite frankly – I’d like to feel good about myself again.) Also – the dress I wear needs to be able to stay ON me (i.e. preferably not be strapless because then I’d have to be hiking it up while attempting to shoot all day – not ideal.) Lastly – the dress needs to be structured enough that it won’t blow up with one gust of an ocean breeze while my hands are otherwise occupied (but also not SO structured that I’m unable to get into all the crazy positions I normally do to take photos… i.e. squatting, laying on the ground, standing on chairs… etc.)

Beach Gear

Anyway – that’s a lot of qualifications. I’m aware. But I was playing around and came up with this little get-up. (Of course this is just for fun – because lord knows I can’t afford all these things… especially not all these things from j.crew. Let’s be real.) But it was fun to play anyway! What do you guys think? 

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