You guys! I’m proud to share this little update with you…

Remember my post a couple weeks ago about my need to purge some things from my life?

More importantly, remember my closet looking like this?

Well – Check. This. Out.

You see that?! That is an organized shelf on my side of the closet. Yup. I can hardly believe it myself…. 🙂

Never mind the fact that this closet only came to be because yesterday as I was attempting to find a shirt to wear – the entire, massive stack of clothes leaned towards me at once. I threw my arms up to stop it from falling completely – but it was still leaning – big time. (And that crap was heavy! I couldn’t believe the weight of it…)

It became obvious I couldn’t get it all back up to standing on my own, so I screamed to James for help. He rushed in and then immediately burst into laughter. Being the sweet husband that he is – he ran for the camera – while I stood precariously balancing this huge, leaning pile of clothes 2 feet above my head.

Long story short – the entire thing fell on me. Every last sweater, sweatshirt and pair of jeans. Thankfully James couldn’t get the camera going in time and missed the entire thing… 🙂

So I was forced to get my sh*t together and organize my side of the closet.

And it was a success. Don’t you think? 🙂

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