turkey trottin’

I used to be a runner – a pretty legit runner. (I wasn’t fast, or amazing or anything – so don’t take this the wrong way those of you who are real runners.) But I was one of those people that had to run nearly an hour every day or else I felt like a shaken up bottle of soda ready to burst. And I could do it with relative ease (i.e. without getting super winded).  I’d just hit the pavement and go. It kept me sane.
At some point between running a marathon and moving to Chicago I stopped running. At first it was a gradual thing. I would run less because I didn’t have the time I used to to devote to it. Then I started to run five minutes to the gym and workout there instead. Then I started driving to the gym. And next thing I knew – I stopped running all together. I didn’t need it the way I used to anymore.
I learned to do other things that I found more enjoyable to stay in shape – like riding a bike, going for a walk, lifting weights or doing yoga. Sometimes I’d do all of the above – other times just one of the above – and lately (most of the time) none of the above.  Oops.
Then suddenly I realized it’s almost Halloween. And that means it’s almost Thanksgiving. And that means I only have one month to get myself into some sort of shape to run my family’s annual “Twohig Turkey Trot” (a 2 mile run we do every year on Thanksgiving morning…. i.e. the only time I run all year – other than to catch the bus). 
Upon realizing this today – I thought maybe I should attempt to go for a run of some sort. So I headed to the lakefront after work and I started to run… 
And guess what you guys – I ran for a whopping 8 minutes.  8 minutes.
Don’t be confused, or impressed (I know you are!) – because I actually ran 4 minutes – stopped and stretched for 5 minutes – and then ran another 3 minutes (my leg started to cramp up – stupid marathon injury flaring up… good excuse, right?) so I stretched some more and walked. Then, simply out of embarrassment, I ran another minute because I thought 8 minutes sounded better than 7. 🙂
I obviously have some work to do before turkey day. Yikes.
(A photo of last year’s winner, my cousin Miles, wearing the championship crown/turkey.) 🙂

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