self-portrait couple style

For the longest time I’ve been wishing I could get some professional photos of James and I taken. Every time I snag a cute moment between a couple I’m shooting a teensy bit of me wishes that someone would catch a cute moment between J and I. 
Then I saw my friend Elissa’s post about the “one-year later” self-portrait session she did with her hubbie and I thought: I’m such a fool! Of course James and I can get professional pics taken… I can do them myself!

And so I did. 
Of course we’re not really the serious type…
James was supposed to hold a position so I could compose the shot, focus the camera and press the shutter before running to get in the picture. Well, clearly he thought he was funny acting like a fool and jumping around. So I surprised him by turning the timer off and snapping a few of him right then and there! 🙂 hehe 

This was one of my favorites from the session until I noticed that “Thing” from The Addams Family had joined us for the shot… Eek!

I saved the ones that included Phoenix because I think we’ll use those for our holiday cards and want them to be a surprise. 🙂 

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