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I have a newfound obsession with the latest pretty thing. You see, I don’t actually own it because I’m currently trying to talk myself out of buying it. I’m never able to justify spending much money on jewelry (unless it’s a wedding band or something of that sort)… so this necklace is really testing my limits. 
But the problem is that I work dangerously close to a fantastic shopping area in downtown Chicago where a ton of new stores just opened…  Zara, Sephora, Puma, Steve Madden… and the most dangerous one of all: Anthropologie. Yeah. I know
I seem to always ‘accidentally’ wander over there on my lunch break and look at all the beautiful things they have – like this necklace
(via Anthropologie)

The best part is that it comes in other fabulous colors too – like red and lavender.  *sigh*

I have a serious crush on this necklace.

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