I took a bike ride after work today in the name of photography research. I hopped on my trusty bike and headed north on the lake shore path in hopes of finding a wooded area with nice afternoon light for a family session I have coming up. I learned a few things on my ride…

1. I’m incredibly out of shape…. pretty sad how much my lungs were burning actually.

2. My bike tires are very low. (I’m out of shape, but I’m not that out of shape… it felt like I was biking on sand and barely moving… exhausting!)

3. When trying to find places with nice afternoon light – one should probably go about looking for these places in the afternoon not at 6pm. (Duly noted.)

4. Geese love lake shore path. They just sit and chill. No matter how fast you are coming at them on your bike.

5. The sun may not set over Lake Michigan – but the sky sure is beautiful regardless.

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