Today an impromptu dinner was planned. (Can you plan an impromptu dinner?) Either way – it was last minute.
Remember how yesterday I talked about getting to see my mom a lot this past month? Well guess what?! Tonight – I get to see her again! She decided earlier today that she would drive down for dinner to see my brother and his lovely lady friend Lauren (lots of L’s there – it was more fun than just saying “girlfriend”) off before they drive a U-Haul across the country tomorrow… on their way to their soon-to-be new home, New York City.
I’m excited for them – obviously… but also a wee bit bummed – since my only sibling living in the same city as me is heading out of town.
But I’m trying to think positively and not selfishly…. since I am in fact super happy for them and the new opportunities they will find in the big apple. And let’s be honest – I’m also super stoked that I will have a reason to visit NYC! (Get your couch ready you two – I’ll be there before you’re unpacked! hehe) 🙂
So it’s off to dinner we go. To see these two lovebirds off on their new adventure…

Best of luck you guys… I know you’ll both do big things in NYC!  Love you both ~ xoxo!
(Also – how cute are they? :))

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