Good, old-fashioned gentlemen (and women) are hard to come by these days. I especially notice this in Chicago on public transit. How many times have you seen a pregnant woman, an elderly person, or someone on crutches standing uncomfortably on a train or bus because nobody offered them their seat? Other times I’ve seen people shove their way on or off a bus. I’ve seen people dart to a seat and sit down right before the person who was about to sit could. It is pretty sad, to say the least.
But today – someone gave me hope. Hope that good, old-fashioned courtesy and kindness are still alive and well. 
I was walking toward the back of my bus after work, in hopes of finding a spare seat when an older man tapped me on the shoulder and immediately stood up and offered me his seat. He didn’t give me a chance to say no (which I probably would have because, honestly – he was elderly enough that I would have offered him MY seat had I been sitting). But before I could even think twice about it or realize what was happening he was up and out of his seat and gesturing for me to take it. I told him “thank you” with a smile and sat down. Then he walked to the back of the bus and stood for the rest of the 30 minute ride. No ulterior motives, no creepy smiles or stares…  he just gave me his seat and walked away. I really couldn’t believe it. 
I sat there for a good 10 minutes quietly smiling to myself about what had just occurred. This random man had made the start to my weekend incredibly pleasant with one small gesture. How nice.
This has nothing to do with the post above – but I couldn’t resist sharing these. 
I turned around after taking the tie picture (above) and saw Phoenix watching me:
Which made me realize – She’d look cute with a tie on her head! She didn’t agree. She swiped the tie off with her paw on my first couple of attempts but then, realizing I would keep putting it on her head no matter what, she finally gave in. (She’s completely embarrassed by the way her mother dresses her in this picture.)
She flat out hates me in this image…
Then James caught wind of what was happening and said, “Are you harassing that dog again?!” and swooped in to save her from her misery…
Just another night in the Tyler household…  🙂 
Happy Friday everybody!

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