cold hands, warm heart

Growing up, this saying was something I heard often. You see, my hands are incredibly cold – all. the. time. I don’t notice it personally, but it is pointed out to me every time I touch someone or shake their hand. 
I learned at a young age that this was something I shared with my grandfather. (I realized later in life that my mom and sister shared this same characteristic as well). When my mom pointed this out to me, I felt honored to have inherited this rather random trait. Since there are 30 grandchildren in our family – it was nice to have this common bond with my Grandpa as a child – to feel we had this shared similarity. 
Whenever I told him about someone giving me a hard time about my cold hands he always said, “Just tell them – Cold Hands, Warm Heart.” So that has always been my response for my entire life. I figured he must be right since his hands were always cold and he had one of the warmest hearts of anyone I knew. 
My Grandpa passed away when I was fairly young (two days before my 13th birthday, if I’m recalling correctly). These small moments are the things that have stuck with me most of all through the years since. I remember the feeling of his cool hands on the base of my neck as he’d casually play with my hair at a family gathering. I always remained as still as I could so that I wouldn’t do anything to disrupt him. I figured if I froze where I was he would continue to nonchalantly play with my hair forever. (I’ve always loved when someone plays with my hair, ask my husband. It’s his way to coax me to stop working. He’ll say, “You can lay your head on my lap and I’ll play with your hair if you come watch this show with me…” It always works.)
I thought of all this today as I was sitting in the doctor’s office, because today is one of the rare times in life that my hands are warm. Very warm. This would be normal for most people – but for me, it means I’m sick. My hands are only warm when I’m feeling off. It is one of the early signs my body gives me to let me know I’m developing a fever and coming down with something. 
So today will be spent laying on the couch, resting and thinking happy thoughts of my Grandpa…

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