gerber baby

Today is sick day #2 for me so I’m not posting anything longwinded today (which some of you may be very happy about). Instead, I’m going to share some pictures with you guys that I kind of forgot I had. 
These images are from back in late July. It was the day after Missy’s wedding and James & I were doing some serious recovering at my parent’s house when my friend Jeanna called to say she had accidently taken something of mine from the hotel room we’d shared the night before. It turns out she and her husband were passing through the area so they said they’d stop by to drop it off. 
Lucky for us, they also brought their daughter Lidean along! 🙂 (Not that we don’t like Jeanna and Mark on their own… but it never hurts to have a totally adorable little baby along as well – especially since we only get to see her a couple times a year.) 
James likes to call Lidean “The Gerber Baby” for totally obvious reasons….  🙂

Seriously, I almost cannot handle how cute this child is. And the best part? They’re having another baby! 🙂 Eeeeps!! 🙂

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