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Our crew of cousins had one last full day together in San Francisco last Tuesday, so we decided to make the most of it by seeing as much of the city as humanly possible (on foot) – all while attempting to find a restaurant to deliver a bottle of wine to (that we accidentally grabbed from our Napa tour van at the end of the previous day – thinking it was one of the many bottles we’d purchased – when it was in fact a $60 bottle of wine our tour guide had purchased for himself… oops!) 🙂  (Holy run-on sentence… I know.)
Anyway, the following is a photo story of the day’s events which include:

Breakfast at a delicious (and adorable) “Crepes & Coffee” joint

Shopping in the Haight/Ashbury District

Walking miles upon miles to the other end of the city (which wasn’t all too exciting… since we didn’t take a scenic route)

Checking out another higher-end shopping district (i.e. walking thru a neighborhood we couldn’t afford to actually shop in…) on our way to above-mentioned restaurant

Walking up and down some insanely steep hills

Having dinner/snacks at a place with a fantastic deal on Tuesdays (certain beers, appetizers & meals all only $2 each!)

Walking (again…) to the marina area to see Alcatraz & Pier 39

And due to time constraints – cabbing it to AT&T Park to watch the Giants play the Cubs where we subsequently froze our butts off

Finally, after nearly 10 hours out and about, we arrived home to celebrate Allison’s birthday with a delicious chocolate cake… mmm. 

It made for a fantastic last day… We burned off any extra energy we may have had & got to see nearly everything in the city we could think of! 🙂 

 (I liked her ring…)
Chelsea outside her future home…
One of many hills
The view from the top made it worthwhile!
I found this sign humorous. 🙂
There were lots of interesting murals all over San Fran…
This place was just screaming my non-pork eating husband’s name… haha
Chels finally managed to find some hats of her own. 🙂
More hills – check out the cyclist!
Apparently a very good pizza joint…?
We finally found it! The restaurant we needed to deliver the wine to –
Pretending to run in photos seemed to be the thing to do on this trip!
… as was posing in front of murals…
This sea lion was yelling directly at me, “Get that camera out of my face!”
Soriano was dancing around the outfield, shaking his butt to songs, I think to mock the folks in the bleachers…? Although I am no Cubs fan… I am all about cute men shaking their butts – so I was a-ok with it. 🙂
Chels and I warmed ourselves up with some hot chocolate + peppermint schnapps… YUM.
Another token Tyler family photo:
As soon as the game ended – it was attack of the birds! Seriously freaky.
Happy birthday Allison!  … and spent.

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