everything’s hotter in texas

Houston. In. August…  need I say more? It was hot. Incredibly hot. If you know me – you know that I am a very crabby person when I’m overly hot and sweaty (unless on a beach in a bikini… obviously). So… the environment there was not ideal for me and was especially not ideal for anybody who had to deal with me on a regular basis (i.e. my hubs). Thankfully – there is A/C everywhere, so I successfully pretty much avoided the outdoors the entire time and I was good to go. 🙂

This 2nd leg of our trip was spent in Texas because my dear friend Anne was marrying the man of her dreams… and of course I wouldn’t miss that for the world! We arrived on Thursday afternoon after leaving San Fran super-duper early with a layover in Denver (which has a kind of sweet airport that apparently is supposed to look like the mountains… yes?)

We decided to stay at the Four Seasons in Houston because the lovely bride & groom snagged some kind of insane wedding group rate for everybody. So J and I figured… why not?! When again will we ever stay at the Four Seasons?! It took a bit of getting used to being called “Mrs. Tyler” every time I ran into anyone that worked at the hotel (honestly, I felt a bit out of place – kind of like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone)… but I couldn’t complain when I saw the room and this deliciously comfortable bed:

We were beyond hungry after not eating in about 6 hours so we literally tore into the welcome bag that Anne & Michael so kindly gave us, which included these brownies (amazing!) and lots of other goodies we ate within minutes:

We were exhausted from traveling all day, so we found a quick spot for dinner and some large beers and then retired for the night. But first – some quick pics of the view of Houston out our window…

The next day I woke to my hubs feeling like this: (yes, he’s wearing his Four Seasons robe… fancy, I know…) 🙂

So I hit the fitness room (for the first time all vacation long) & the pool all by my lonesome… 

And later, when James still was not 100%, I headed out to the rehearsal dinner solo as well. It was a true Texas affair – complete with cowboy boots and hats. The Harts & Neteks made for amazing hosts and were so hospitable to each and every person there (thank you!!). Here are some pics from the rest of the night before their big day! 🙂

Hit up the Armadillo Palace for a great dinner & truly “Texas” night! 🙂
Cheers to a fantastic speech by Anne’s brother… pretty sure he had the entire room in tears!
Michael listening to Anne’s dad say nice things about him… 🙂
It was the perfect way to start out a great weekend celebrating two lovely people… (some of my favorite wedding pics coming soon!)

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