wine-o’s for a day

After a much needed entire day of relaxation after Sara & Jeff’s wedding… which included lots of laying around, checking into our “Real World San Francisco” house (as we called it), and enjoying some of our Grandma’s delicious spaghetti –
– we headed out for an all day wine tasting extravaganza in Napa Valley. 
We booked a personal tour through a company there – which included a van all to ourselves that picked us up in San Fran, took us all over Napa Valley to 5 different wineries, and returned us (pretty tipsy) to our condo at the end of the day. 
Here are some photos from the day…  Enjoy!
Heading out of the city!
Quick stop on the other side of the bridge for some photo opps…
Arriving in Napa Valley! (pics from through the car window while driving… forgive me!)
Winery #1
Winery #2 (we may have started to get loud at this point…) 🙂
Chocolate + Wine = Deliciousness 🙂
Winery #3 (Beaaaaaaaautiful scenery!)
The Last Supper version of wine tasting…
Each one of these barrels costs $1,100 new – crazy!
This circle of redwoods formed naturally from a “mother tree” that used to be in the middle.
Amazing lunch among the redwoods…
Will loved the trees… a lot.
Winery #4
On to Winery #5 (notice James’s excitement…he was ready for bed at this point, I believe.)
More photos through the car window on the way… 
Winery #5 – we made it!
Chelsea enjoys hats – especially when they are not hers… 🙂 
Showing some cousin love! 🙂
Long drive back to San Fran…
Almost there – crossing the bridge…
Home sweet home…

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