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Beautiful Session ~ Chicago Fine Art Boudoir Film Photography

I am so excited to get to share a few more Beautiful Sessions with you all now that Christmas has passed and these sessions have been given to spouses as gifts! I am always incredibly honored to do these sessions and they make my heart so, so happy. I love seeing how women transform throughout...

Chicago Boudoir Photography ~ Fine Art Portraits on Film

I’m excited to share the gorgeous, Kimberly’s, Beautiful Session today (while simultaneously sad that this is the last one I am able to show on the blog)!!! She is the final fabulous lady who joined me for our marathon day of mini Beautiful Sessions back in early September and I’ve been dragging out posting hers...

Chicago Fine Art Boudoir Photography on Film

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE AREN’T ENOUGH EXCLAMATION POINTS AND CAPITAL LETTERS FOR ME TO EXPLAIN MY EXCITEMENT ABOUT GETTING MY FILM SCANS BACK FROM RICHARD PHOTO LAB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I think you get the point, yes? haha.) I’m so excited to share more of these images with you all in the coming weeks and to finally get this part...

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