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Aches and Pains ~ Living a Full Circle Life in Gratitude

We had a full circle moment on Sunday that I couldn’t help but share here. It was 2014. We were 6 months into the year and just found out that our 2nd IUI attempt had failed. (We did 3 IUIs that year… none of them worked and each seemed to break us more and more). This...

Micah and Gabriel turn ONE!

I cannot believe these two used-to-be teeny tiny babies are now walking, talking (kind of), and officially ONE YEAR old!! As I’m sure most parents do – I felt a combination of joy and nostalgia (with a few tears) at the fact that our little guys are one. I truly can’t believe how quickly this...

July Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes with Twins ~ Weeks 17 to 20

Gosh, I’ve been meaning to write this forever ago and am forcing myself to finally do it now before I completely forget what July looked like!! This month the boys started babbling and cooing a lot more, which was pretty much the cutest thing ever, and became much more expressive!! Micah learned to roll from...

35 ~ Looking Back & Checking In

I can’t help but feel pretty nostalgic and look back on past years every time a birthday comes around. This year I keep going back to one year ago today. It is amazing how much can change in ONE year. At this time last year I never let myself get ahead of myself. I was so afraid...

June Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes with Twins ~ Weeks 12 – 16

Now that it is August – WHAT?! – I figured we’d take a look back at June!! June was a pretty good month around here, looking back at it. The boys started going to bed earlier and earlier and we were getting more sleep because they were still co-sleeping in bed with me and getting...

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