June Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes with Twins ~ Weeks 12 – 16

Now that it is August – WHAT?! – I figured we’d take a look back at June!! June was a pretty good month around here, looking back at it. The boys started going to bed earlier and earlier and we were getting more sleep because they were still co-sleeping in bed with me and getting used to eating and going right back to bed afterwards, which was so amazing! They were getting more smiley, chatty, and mobile… and I loved waking up to the sound of them talking to themselves and then I’d look over at them and they’d give me the biggest grins to wish me a good morning!! It really was the best.

They were making their way out of the newborn stage and “fourth trimester” …and onto being babies! Naps were long (which was so amazing), although Gabriel was still taking naps in our bed, and Micah in his crib so they wouldn’t wake one another up (and because Gabe just couldn’t nap in his crib because it was a foreign place to him at the time). Overall, June was a pretty good month around here!

The whole month was a bittersweet transition and looking back on it through these photos was so much fun.


  1. Gabe the goofball. This guy makes us laugh regularly!
  2. Trying to get Gabe used to his crib – we threw a little party in there! haha
  3. Tummy time used to look like this (which is crazy to think about)! Pillows for assistance and Micah just wasn’t feeling it!
  4. The boys wearing their shoes!!! I wish I had managed to have them wear these more often (they still -barely- fit, so I should try while I can)!
  5. Auntie Jessica came to visit!! If it weren’t for her setting up James and I, these two cuties wouldn’t be here!
  6. Wedding prep with a fussy baby = baby wearing & wedding prepping.



  1. Feeling well rested (amazing) and loving the cuddles with my boy, Micah. 🙂
  2. Wedding-ing! LOVE when our clients are so sweet to give us seats at tables and a hot meal after a long day!! Also – how cute are these escort cards on champagne flutes that you take to your seat?!
  3. Post-wedding selfie in front of our beautiful city. We couldn’t resist!
  4. Sleeping babes.
  5. Micah man used to find a way to cheat during tummy time. haha. Always resting his head on his arm!
  6. My love squirming at my kisses! haha



  1. Nana came to visit and I couldn’t resist a pic with she and Micah in matching yellow!
  2. That one time these two both simultaneously noticed the other. It. Was. The. Best.
  3. Tummy time cuties!!
  4. Micah usually is the one who notices Gabe and Gabe ignores Micah. Poor guy! lol
  5. Bedtime with daddy. So sweet.
  6. Twinning!



  1. The boys meet Uncle Josh & Aunt Martha! This is the one where Micah pooped on Uncle Josh, I’m pretty sure. 🙂
  2. Gabe is loving Aunt Martha!
  3. The old normal… swaddles, pacis, lovies, and mom & dad’s bed.
  4. Cuddles with daddy!
  5. DATE DAY! We pampered ourselves big time with a couple’s massage at The Langham Hotel (oh my so wonderful) and followed up with dinner at Revolution Brewing Co (our fave)!
  6. Micah man really started to get a personality this month!



  1. Most perfectly timed photo ever. haha Eww.
  2. Holding hands, always. It kills me! Ah!
  3. Gabe just chilling on his tummy time!
  4. Micah man learned to really looooove baths this month! I’m talking – the dude does happy dances waiting for his bath now!
  5. Post-meltdown in the car Gabriel. Whew. Their first ride to Wisconsin was a little rough!
  6. But we made it! Home with family and it felt so good! I was totally happy/delirious to see my favorite people. Here we are relaxing with some beer on a blanket behind my parents’ house. As you can see, Chloe was loving the attention!



  1. Two of our favorite people on the planet and the reason we were all home – to celebrate their wedding a few months prior!
  2. Mine and Chelsea’s attempt at a selfie turned hilarious (as do most things when we’re together) and we could not stop laughing. hahahahha. THE. BEST.
  3. Gabriel meets Aunt Chelsea and attempt to play her finger like a trombone! lol
  4. Oh nothing, just being the best dad ever and always.
  5. Always. Worth The Wait.
  6. Gabe just can’t believe it!!!



  1. Did I mention Chloe loves when we have visitors? Especially when the boys are napping so they have to love on her instead. haha.
  2. Micah is obsessed with Gabe’s hair. He always ends up with his hands in it somehow. haha. I can’t blame him – we all think Gabe’s hair is pretty great. 🙂
  3. Micah just chillin’ with his girl, Lauren. 🙂
  4. Smiles. THE BEST.
  5. Micah man and his gray/green eyes!!
  6. Blue eyed baby!



What a beautiful month!!! How we love them so!! Just wait until you hear about July… not quite as smooth – but it ended on high notes and we made it through!!! More to come! 🙂 xoxo

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