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When we first found out we were expecting a miracle baby one of my initial thoughts other than complete shock was “where are we going to put a baby?!” Our house is 4 bedrooms, but the downstairs bedrooms are pretty tiny. One at the time was used as a guest room (which basically fits a bookshelf and a queen sized bed), and the other was our home office… which fit my desk, printer table, and a lounge chair. The other problem was that both rooms were on the first level of the house and the master bedroom and the boys’ room is on the 2nd level. That’s not a deal breaker – obviously – but I thought it’d be nice to have her on the same level as us, especially with night wakings, etc.

We knew we wanted to leave the guest room as is for various reasons (main one being that we need somewhere for guests to stay!), but decided we could part with the home office. Obviously we run our business from home, so that space was nice to have – but we often work from a laptop anywhere in the house (what I’m currently doing to write this post!) and we have a landing upstairs between our rooms that works well enough for our office space. So, long story short – we moved our office and turned that room into a nursery for our baby girl. It is a quaint little room, but definitely does the job! For now we just have the basics in there – and I love it already! I’d like to add her name in calligraphy wood above the crib and some flat bookshelves along the wall under our watercolor art… but for now – it does the job. 🙂

I’ve had a lot of people ask for sources to everything we used in there – so I figured the easiest way to do that was just to write a blog post and link it at the bottom here! You can also find the sources in my profile if you follow me on the app there!


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Rocking Chair
Zebra (not pictured – her brother claimed it as his own! haha)
Monkey (not pictured, same reason above! haha)
Circle Pillow
Blush Pillow
Gray Pillow
Changing Pad and Cover
Bud Vase
Dresser and Drawer Pulls
Watercolor Supplies & Frames
Chicago Wall Art Print
Deer Watercolor
Moth Watercolor
Rumi Print
Baby Monitor
Brass Round Side Table

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