Fortune Favors the Brave ~ An Infertility Project / Giveaway

This has been on my heart for quite a while now, and thanks to a lovely new friend I met via our shared struggles with infertility – I finally decided I should just stop overthinking things and go for it.

Since we went through our fertility journey I’ve been looking for ways to give back to this amazing community of couples that was so wonderful to us when we were in the thick of it. Early on after I first shared our struggles publicly I started a support group on Facebook for women going through infertility treatments. It has grown from a modest group of 20 or so acquaintances to over 200 women who support and cheer each other on through this crazy journey. Being a part of this group has reminded me every day that even though we have gotten our miracles – there are so many people out there still praying for theirs… still going through so much with each treatment and still hoping beyond all hopes for this month to be their month.

6 years into our attempts of having a baby – after 3 failed IUIs and our first IVF that ended in a heartbreaking miscarriage… James and I did a photo shoot for our 6th anniversary. At the time it felt like the last thing that we’d want to do in the middle of a month that had us reeling – but it ended up being the BEST thing for us. It helped us to just BE together and to reconnect. It helped us remember what a beautiful thing we have together and truly helped us to stand back up and keep moving forward.

I want to give that same gift to other couples going through this difficult journey. I want to let couples step away from the pain and struggles they are walking through – to feel lighthearted, reconnected, and reinvigorated about the road they are on together.

So I’m beyond excited and humbled to announce a reoccurring giveaway for couples in the throws of infertility:

Fortune Favors the Brave Couple’s Session Giveaway

The first session will be on Sunday, June 25th at 7:30pm in Chicago (exact location TBD).

To enter:

  1. Email your submission to, sharing your infertility journey with me – including your names, your story (this can include your love story too!), and the current treatments you are seeking for infertility (or what steps you are in the adoption process if you’re going that route instead).
  2. *Follow* my business Instagram account:
  3. Share a link to this post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #fortunefavorsthebravegiveaway

Note that:

Couples must be available on the exact date and time listed above for a session in Chicago.

Couples must be comfortable with sharing at least some of their story (no need for exact diagnoses though, unless you want to share that). Part of this giveaway is to serve the couples going through this by gifting the photo session, while the other part of this giveaway is meant to serve the infertility community as a whole… to put faces and stories to infertility so that hopefully there will be less of a stigma and more understanding, honesty and candidness when it comes to infertility.

The winners will be announced on Friday, June 2nd, 2017.


View More:

Photos by Tami Paige.


Stay tuned for the next giveaway date announcement – as I plan to do this giveaway bi-monthly and you’re able to “resubmit” if you weren’t chosen the first time around!

. . . . .

*Session is a $750 value and is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash value.
**Christy holds the copyright to the images.
***This is not a contest for who has struggled the longest or hardest, or anything like that. Each story is unique and difficult in its own ways. So please don’t feel intimidated or afraid to share because you think what you’re going through isn’t “as bad” as some other people’s journeys. Every story is relevant. xoxo


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